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Shalini Jayawardana

Photo Shalini Jayawardana

3rd Grade - English

3rd Grade Schedule

Greetings, Mrs. Jayawardana here! I’m PASSIONATE about education and helping children reach their maximal potential. I serve as the monolingual Third Grade Teacher at Holbrook Language Academy. I have over ten years of experience that range in roles from primary, middle and adult education. I set out to be a teacher at eight years of age and fostered that desire when I served as an Arts Bridge Scholar at the University level. I received a Scholarship to complete my National Board in Literacy and have a Master’s in Education from Claremont Graduate University (Cum Laude). 

I pledge to provide coherent, connected, rigorous curriculum and instruction that incorporates technology. I will engage in on-going professional development with my talented colleagues. Most importantly, I will support your child socially and academically to meet their diverse needs. I specialize in Thinking Maps (A visual pattern linked to brain processes) to teach ALL subjects. 

Team Holbrook is the place to be. This will be a year full of enthusiasm, growth and excitement in learning- remote or in person! I value your partnership in your child’s learning process.

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